Skincare Routine Steps and Order



Skincare Routine Steps

With the world of skin science continually developing, it’s a significant challenge to keep up with the current skin care products and the right way to use them.

Skincare Routine Steps for Oily Skin

An oily skin has large oil glands and high contents of sebum. To reduce the oily activity, consider keeping your skin cells hydrated. For oily skin, cleanse your face using a good cleanser or warm water to open the pores and wipe your face with a cloth. After that, exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and open your pores. Gently apply a smooth light moisturizer which will nourish your skin and help protect it from producing excess oil.

Skincare Routine Steps for Dry Skin

Unlike oily skin, there are various issues linked to dry skin like itchy, flaky and being sensitive.  The most significant advantage is that you can deal with these issues using a skincare routine. First, cleanse your skin with warm water and use a massage cleanser to remove all the dirt. Exfoliate your dry skin using moisturizing and soothing products. Don’t choose to use acne skin products. After applying the exfoliate onto your surface for a couple of minutes, hydrate your skin using a suitable serum. The last and the most significant step is the process of moisturizing your skin using an appropriate cream.

Skincare Routine Steps for Acne Skin

If you are prone to breakouts, you should use an efficient skin care routine. Using scrubbing pads or washcloths, cleanse your skin gently to remove all the dirt and sweat. After that, use an exfoliator to dissolve serum in your clogged pores and use an AHA acid based toner to eliminate any excess oil, make-up.  The third step is to apply acne treatment medications after thoroughly washing the surface of your skin. The last and most significant step is to use a moisturizer twice daily. It is considering that most acne medications leave your skin dry.

Skincare Routine Steps for Night 

It is the end of the day, just brushed your teeth and changed into your pajamas, its bedtime. However, you have forgotten to do a night skincare routine. You can’t create a beautiful and youthful complexion if you don’t perform both morning and night skin care tips. Before sleeping, remove all the makeup from your face. Avoid scrubbing, but instead, use a makeup remover. Secondly, cleanse your skin by using a foaming cleanser that is non-drying to the skin.

After cleansing your skin, use a toner to create PH balance and prepare the surface for the essential ingredients that will be applied to the skin later. For nighttime, concentrate on a serum that will offer more hydration and regeneration. The final step in your nightly routine is applying a moisturizer to your skin that will seal all the efforts done on the previous levels. Giving yourself a mini facial with a hydrating mask at night and a light face and head massage can also help blood circulation that leads to a glowing skin.





 Top 5 Skincare routine steps

With the world of skin science continually developing, it’s a significant challenge to keep up with the current skin care products and the appropriate way to use them. By following these five main steps, you will be on your style to achieving beautiful, healthier and glamorous skin. It is applicable to all skin types.


Start by cleansing your skin with a good cleanser and ensure it is not too much harsh, because it will strip off your skin ’s natural lipids that are significant to maintain proper hydration balance. This process is vital for all skin types, especially oily ones. It is recommended to wash your face 2 times daily with warm water to remove the oily buildup and make your pores open. to prepare for exfoliation


The process of shedding helps to eliminate dead skin cells to open your pores to better skin care absorption and improving the results of your skin care products. You can opt to use a chemical exfoliator or an enzymatic exfoliator that is suitable for sensitive skin. Oily, The process of exfoliation, is especially beneficial for oily and acne skin types, due to the thick layer of dead skin cells.


Your skin has the natural ability to repair itself, but these repair mechanisms reduce as we age and this the main reason why our skin generally heals slower as we get older. You can help your skin in the process of repair, by supplying your skin cells with the correct nutrients to improve your skin’s regeneration process.   Demedics meso serums are highly concentrated to ensure the skin of proper nutrition.


Hydration is crucial for good skin because hydrated skin looks younger and gives you a beautiful complexion. You should remember to moisturize twice every day with a good moisturizer. It prevents the signs of aging. With frequent use, your skin becomes smoother and radiant.


Sun exposure to the skin can lead to skin cancer and speed up the process of skin aging. Everyone is striving to protect the skin whether you are outside in the sun or indoors. It is crucial to protect your skin using a sunscreen. In addition to your sunscreen, Dermedics Biomimetic Lamellar Cream can protect your skin even further by converting harmful UVs into significant infrared rays. You can apply the Dermedics Biomimetic Lamellar cream with the sunscreen for more benefits to your skin.

If you stick to the above steps, you will be on your way to getting a beautiful skin .


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