CAS# 8042-47-5


MINERAL OIL:  Mineral Oil is a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from refinement of petroleum.  Often in cosmetic context, it comes in many different names – liquid mineral oil, paraffin, heavy or light mineral oil, paraffin oil, prolatum oil, white mineral oil to name a few.

Due to its inexpensive, colourless and odourless nature, it is widely used in cosmetic as a emollient for skin and hair.

Things worth noting is that as of most substance, mineral oil comes in different grade (refinement), and the World Health Organisation (WHO) actually classified mineral oil that are relatively untreated, or mildly refined as carcinogens (cause cancer) to humans. While WHO has not classified the same for higher refined mineral oil, it is prudent to be aware that you will not be able to tell the refinement level of the mineral oil from your ingredient list of your cosmetics. Remember when it comes to business, cost speak the loudest.

If the above does not make you avoid it, this might help – Mineral oil is comedogenic  (clogs pores).

As consumer are better informed these days, the trend of cosmetics makers avoiding mineral oil as an ingredient are on the rise, which is always good.


Cosmetic Function(s):

  • Skin-Conditioning Agent – Emollient
  • Hair Conditioning Agent

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