DERMEDICS® PRE #1 Pre-Peel Solution: Cleansing Milk is a water soluble cleansing emulsion designed for facial purification and make-up removal.

Multi-functional, tailored to suit a variety of skin types and conditions – it assists in calming the discomfort associated with weak, itchy, highly irritated or reddened skin during facial cleansing procedures.

Milk has skin-neutral pH of 5.5 which helps maintain the skin’s acid mantle prior main beauty treatments.

Recommended to be used in combination with toner.


  • Pre-treatments procedures when neutral skin pH of 5.5 is demanded
  • Unisex: for women and men
  • Recommended for skin of all ages for normal to combination skin
  • Effective but gentle cleansing emulsion suitable even for sensitive skin


Suggestion: proper cleansing procedure with this product requires application of PRE #2 Pre-Peel Solution: Toner by DERMEDICS®.