CAS# 7631-86-9


SILICA, AMORPHOUS: SILICA, AMORPHOUS also known as Silicon dioxide is a mineral that is naturally found in sandstone, clay, granite and in abundant makeup in sand.

Silica has many functions that are useful in cosmetic industries. Being an able absorbent, ability to deter light reflection and improve spreadability, it makes clear sense having it in cosmetic products such as face powder etc where absorbing sweat and oil, maintaining matte and non-reflective look and ease of spreadability contributes greatly to a winning formula.

While silica amorphous is widely considered to be a safe mineral in cosmetic, silica in crystalline form is not. Crystalline Silica can be carcinogenic (cancer causing), as well as causing inflammation, irritation and toxicity to humans. Most cosmetic products does not go into stating what type of silica it contains.

Cosmetic Function(s):

  • Absorbent
  • Anti caking Agent
  • Abrasive
  • Opacifying Agent
  • Suspending Agent- Nonsurfactant
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