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Clinical Derma roller - (Premium)

Use for Collagen induction therapy (CIT) or percutaneous collagen therapy (PCI) and more commonly known as Microneedling therapy. Medical micro needling is a minimally invasive treatment which improves skin texture results from collagen stimulated from the micro-needling. Micro needling is an effective technique which are followed by application of mesoserum for best results. Clinical Derma roller medical devices are gentle and safe. Germany manufactured . All are sterile packaged.

Presenting to you the best micro needle, the Clinical Derma Roller. Made with titanium nitrite needles, it is eight times more durable and stay sharper longer compared to titanium micro needle. The Clinical Derma Roller micro needle is precision engineered and perfectly aligned using the Alternating Pattern System resulting in the best piercing ability while requiring minimal hand pressure during treatment. The superior sharpness of the titanium nitrate derma roller micro needle along with the precise aligned needles create the ideal controlled injury desired, producing remarkable skin remodelling capabilities . Collagen and elastin are greatly produced in this process, skin cells are rejuvenated leading to a plump youthful baby skin.
Meticulously crafted in Germany, the Clinical Derma Roller is the best treatment tool for many skin problems like acne scar, wrinkle, fine line, large pore and dark spot.


Needle type: titanium nitrate

Quality: Premium
Made in Germany

* 100% Effective on wrinkles, scars, pores, stretch marks, hairloss
* 100% Superior quality
* 100% Authentic
* 100% Precise and sleek genuine needles
* 100% Tarnish resistant
* 100% No bent or blunt needles
* Lower risk of scratching scarring skin when properly use compared to other rollers in the market
* Precision individual needles implanted into roller with no disc used
* Never mass produce.

Choice of prominent dermatologist Dr. Sandy S. Milgraum. MD

Xmedicimports is the Authorised Distributor for Clinical Derma Roller.
* All of our derma rollers are brand new and sealed.

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